Beginning Basic Mosaic Instructions

Materials Needed for Mosaic Projects
Mosaic Tile Nipper for cutting plates and tile.
Mosaic Wheeled Glass Cutter for cutting stained glass and thin plates.
Glass Cutter to cut/score stained glass into workable pieces.
Mosaic Glass Breaker Pliers to break the stained glass once you have scored it.
Sealer-MINWAX® POLYCRYLIC® PROTECTIVE FINISH-comes in many finishes-gloss, semi gloss, satin etc.

--Once you have decided on a project and the type of materials you will use. You need to design a pattern on your piece by placing tiles in the order you will be gluing them. Once you are satisfied with your design concept. You may begin gluing pieces in place. --Use a glue spreading tool (craft stick), to apply a layer of glue to each tile. Work a small area at a time for best results
--Place tiles onto your project with the smooth side up, textured side down. Aim for a 1/8" to 1/4" space between tiles. Allow adhesive to set at least 24 hours before grouting.

Materials Needed to Grout
Sanded Dry grout
water to mix
mixing bowl or plastic disposable cup & spoon or stir stick
Grout sealer
rubber gloves
Sponge or paper towels

--Mix grout and water to the consistency of peanut butter. Wait 5 minutes to let the grout slake (rest), this allows the chemicals in the grout to work their magic. Skipping this step may result in weaker, crack-prone joints.
 --Pour out and spread grout over the tiles and into the 'crevices' between the tiles.
-- Work the grout into the crevices until it becomes smooth and level with the tile surface. The best way to do this is by spreading the grout in one direction and then spreading it in the opposite direction. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to start hardening, remove the bulk of the grout so you can see the tiles.
-- Sweep a damp (not wet!) sponge across the tile surface, removing excess grout from surface. Wash out the sponge periodically while cleaning the tiles, SQUEEZE OUT ALL EXCESS WATER TILL SPONGE IS DRY THEN USE. Excess water may cause glue under grout to loosen and tiles to fall off.
--Allow to dry overnight. When dry the piece will appear slightly hazed, polish away the haze with a damp sponge or paper towel. 
Apply a grout sealer for any outdoor pieces to prevent mildew and staining
Paint on a thin coat of sealer with a brush and wipe off excess on tiles with a paper towel. It will dry clear.


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